Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Exceeding Joy

Yes! Our son Calvin was born to us last December 31, 2004; the last day of the year. As our ninang said, "Calvin has chosen his own birthdate after all." My wife and I are exceedingly glad when he heard that first cry. The joy is indescribable.

In Romans 8, Paul said that even creation is groaning in awaiting the glorious return of the Lord. That day is a day of indescribable joy. Maybe I groaned, too, in eager expectation of seeing my son born into this world. However, all that groaning has been forgotten when I heard my son (which is a clone of myself) cry his head out. The joy that welled up within me is indeed indescribable. Now, I am much more excited about the return of Jesus. What joy would that be!

I believe that God has laid some natural occurences here on earth as previews of things to come. Childbirth is one of them. Jesus likened the end of the age to childbirth. Jesus said that his coming is precluded by several painful events. He compared this to a woman in labor. My wife can expound to you of her labor pains... I can just describe it to you. However, after we heard Calvin, we forgot all about the labor pain. We just bask at the joy of seeing him and remembering the time that we first saw him. Nine months of anticipation was well rewarded. I believe that there is similarity in the Second Coming of the Lord. We will forget (or shall not remember) all the tribulations and pain; and bask in his glorious presence.


eClair said...

I'm sure that Leth can tell us all about the pain... One of the women here in the office was telling me all about it yesterday at lunch time. Mothers indeed experience so much pain. Yan nga siguro ang feeling ng intercessors when they travail.

Muddy and wife said...

I was uplifted by your Christian testimony. We will be happy to meet you when we are "born" into Heaven.